Oct 30, 2014

A Day with Arrojo // ANAWOZA

I had the pleasure of spending all day with the Arrojo NYC team. They transformed my hair into my ideal style for fall. The atmosphere here is so professional and welcoming, they never disappoint me. The stylist are always so excited with my crazy hair ideas and aren't afraid to tell me no and give me honest advice with alternatives. If you have an ARROJO salon near you, I HIGHLY recommend it. 

So come experience my day with ARROJO and see what fall hair style Im into! 

Oct 25, 2014

50 Facts About Me!

I understand the lighting is off and my auto focus doesn't work.. I promise I'll become a better youtuber soon. Until then! I hope you enjoy my random facts not most people know about me. 

Oct 13, 2014

ANAWOZA // NYFW 14' weekend vlog

Zimmermann, best avocado toast in NYC, playing tourist and lots of Fashion Week events! Follow me around for the weekend to see.
My next video Im planning a Q&A so head over to my tumblr and twitter to ask some questions
and Ill answer them in my next video. Have a good day lovelies!

Oct 6, 2014

ANAWOZA // a year in review

A year of thought in the making, its finally coming alive! My very own YouTube channel!

Being a Fahsion blogger with a full time job is quite difficulty. Im always kicking my self in the butt for not posting at least 3 times a week. Moving to New York it has gotten lots of you to ask so many questions but I feel as if words aren't enough. With a little motivation and lots of planning, Ive decided to share my life with you guys with more than just photos of what Im wearing. Not only with this channel include vlogs but also, how to's, beauty, outfit ideas and inspirations. I quite nervous about it but I hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like and subscribe!


Feb 19, 2014


Photos by || Cody Lidtke
(peplum top | h&m | moto jacket | h&m | bottoms | madewell | shoes | urbanoutfitters |)
So I cant believe February is almost halfway through. Seems like yesterday was new years, a lot has been happening! This Fashion week I was invited by Lucky magazine and boy did they really make me feel Lucky. I and fifteen other Instagramers (one of them happened to be my roommate!) Were pick to join Lucky for the first day of Fashion Week where we got to see inside the new Mercedes Ben's tent and back stage for Richard Chai. It was pretty amazing as it was my first time doing something New York Fashion Week related. We got all sorts of goodies, one of them were some Madewell jeans where we got to join Madewell for their Flashtagram event. See what everyone else posted as well as mine on instagram with #denimmadewell. For my denim pick I chose these awesome leather patched knee ones. Im a sucker for black skinnies and leather, a simple all black look was a perfect match for these pants. 

Jan 21, 2014


Photos by || Cody Lidtke
(crop tank | reclaim attire | moto jacket | h&m | lip stick | nars color schiap | )

My dearest, long lost moon child twin, Alexis is the adorable owner behind Reclaim Attire. A few months back before I moved to New York, I teamed up with her on Reclaim's lookbook and website. I had the chance to be a creative director and stylist behind such a fun two days of hair chalk, sweets, babes, and very talented people. This lovely doll is one of the most humble, hardworking and talented people I know. She bases her inspiration for her line through life and music and boy dose she come up with some cute phrases. I recently (photo above) put together a quick outfit around my current piece from Reclaim with just a sassy pink lip and some leather. Below is just a couple of my favorite photos and behind the scenes from that long day, check out more lookbook photos and shop here!

Photos by || Shannon Bray

Oct 20, 2013

Downtown Orlando

Photos by || Angelo Valentine
( shorts | forever21 | pinstripe jacket | guess | moto vest | forever21 | booties | aldo | )

 Spring/fall in Florida is all about layering light. I like the tied waist look, but unfortunately for curvy girls like me, it's not always flattering. By trying something on our hips it can give the illusion that we are wider than we actually are. I've solved this myself by finding a way to both layer light and compliment my figure at the same time. By tying button ups or jackets slightly higher on the waist, it highlights the smallest part of our torsos. This way I can flatter my curves and still rock the waist tie look! Im really in love with this GUESS? pinstripe jacket because its sheer and so easy to throw onto any outfit. My last couple of days in Florida I got to finally shoot with my good friend Angelo. His work is great and I only expect good things coming his way.